Gregory Siff has a heart.
GREGORYSIFF.COM paint to make sense of all this, act to get away from it all, write to leave a mark when you're gone. i make paintings to hang on your wall, play characters you see in dreams, and write stories you heard when you were falling asleep as a kid. i am a force in the world like my father. Gregory Siff | Promote Your Page Too
  1. The Art of Elysium, founded by Jennifer Howell, took over Siren Orange Studios on the 21st of last month to host two charitable and art-filled events.Uplifted from such a display of youth artwork, the benevolent evening continued as established artists gathered to celebrate emerging ones at the 4th Annual GENESIS party. Charitable and enthusiastic party-goers were buoyed by a bevy of Cîroc cocktails as they took in a paint-splattered Gregory Siff - sprawled on the floor with his live art installation. We also had the chance to glimpse a video showing two murals created for the USC Childrens hospital by Shepard Fairey and Phil Lumbang.

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